• Temp Monitoring System

    TMS (Temp Monitoring System) is a fully modular system that can be used in two different type of wired or IOT (according to customer needs) to monitor and analyze data from industrial environments. With specific design of this system, TMS can communicate with various modules based on environment and customer needs. Multiple data storing methods, allows costumer to download various reports, data backups and lunch on other computer systems such as mobile phones or tablets with no limits. Also this system can be used in online and offline modes. Online mode means the costumer can monitor data, set access levels, manage the system from everywhere in the world via web service and offline mode means the costumer can control system locally without internet. Automatic controlling ability allows customer to set the device in automatic mode to control output for alarm system, fans, heaters of use the PLC control to command based on customer needs. In this case, TMS (as its name) can measure parameters such as temperature, humidity and pressure (according to customer needs can be vary) in industrial environments. Using multiple hardware protocols, data encodings and also a reliable software will provide an accurate, expandable and dependable system for the customer.

    Key Specifications:

    1-      Internal memory for up to 1 year of data store without any computer or server

    2-      Two separate parts (Control Unit and Measure Unit)

    3-      Five LED indicators for system status

    4-      Low power energy consumption

    5-      Accurate digital sensor input (Humidity and Pressure sensors can be added according to customer needs)

    6-      Up to 200 digital sensors per measure unit

    7-      10  discrete digital sensor channels per measure unit

    8-      Dust resistance

    9-      Sim card and wifi modules integration according to customer needs

    10-   Control modules for automatic mode (Relay – PLC protocol according to customer needs)

    11-   Reliable RS485 bus communications

    12-   Available in wired and IOT form according to customer needs.