Experiences (potential)

The owners and directors of the company has good experiences and potential on the EMS components and also whole of this Kits. They certified especial course of automotive and its parts design and quality control system.

They have experience in Automotive filed more than 10 Years.

This experiences are in the R&D department for car concept design till lunch on SOP.
They involved with worldwide companies which working at Automotive parts (e.g.: England, Korea, Finland, France, Germany, Taiwan, Singapore, Portugal…).
They have good experiences on automotive System/Parts design, develop and localize process:

1-Engine Control System
2-HVAC System (Heating ventilation and air conditioning system)
3-Trim parts (Glasses ,Seat ,Plastic parts, Styling Parts,..)
4-Car Mechanism (Window Regulator, Wiper,…)
5-“A” surface design for Automotive Styling.
6- Road vehicle Legislations