There are many sensors for different purposes build for use in medical fields. Some of  this sensors are necessary for human life, health and of course before electronic industry wasn’t improved enough yet to help their lives, many people died.

Medical sensors:

Medical sensors are divided in two main categories. Touching and un-touching sensors

Some of the sensors needs to attach to the skin or beyond that, deep into the skin or muscle with needle to get data from body. Just like ECG (Electro Cardio Graph) electrodes or for example HRS (Heart Rate Sensor) that attach to the index finger with a clap and uses light pulses to measure heart rate and monitor the heart condition  in real-time without harming skin.

Some sensors are contactless. Which means can get data from a distance and no need to attach to the patient body. For example contactless temperature sensors or thermometer to measure fever.

Pressure sensor and Medical devices for invasive blood pressure monitoring (IBPM) that we can provide proudly are innovative products which offer efficient method for blood pressure monitoring in human medicine. These devices are used in hospitals during surgery, in intensive care units and in cardiology departments.