Azar Hesgar Novin (AzarSensor) Founded in 2008.

• The Plant in the 3071 Squre meters started in 2009 in the Miyaneh city.
• The machine shop equipments bought and installed in the factory in 2010.
• AzarSensor started the ISO TS and Grade B of SAPCO Projects from beginning of 2011.
• Production integrated Facility prepared and installed end of 2010.
• Started production of MAP sensor for IKCO P405 platform cars.
• Started to produce TMAP_1 (Bosh type) for P206 engines in 2010.
• Started to produce TMAP_2 (Siemens type) for all IKCO and SAIPA engines in 2012.
• Started to produce several types of switches (Mechanical, pressure, temperature) in 2012.
• Design and SOP of Knock sensor and Camshaft sensors 2014
• Developed RPM sensors for automotive OEM supplier 2016.
• Oxygen sensor Assembly and production line started 2019